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Farm Holiday Activities

Lodge with Zoutspruit and enjoy Farm holiday activities ranging from: Simply walking around the farm; Hiking in the game camp; Visiting the dairy with milking time; Viewing the spectacular Free State sunsets (or sunrises) or watching the countless stars that appear in the heavens above a totally unpolluted sky. A farm holiday has far, far more things to do than people realise. Hunting. Catch and release fishing. Mountain biking Trail.










When last...


Things Modern Man Has Forgotten


When last could you really just si t and read all day?


When last could you walk barefoot for an entire day?


When last have you been totally at peace in an absolutely quiet and serene environment?


When last did you wake up totally refreshed early in the morning and watched the sun rise?


When last could you devote your time totally to your family, walking with your children to show them the farm animals?


When last have you seen cows being milked?


When last has an entire day gone by that you did not get into your car and drive somewhere?


When last could you just sit on the grass for hours, simply staring into space?


When last have you not looked at your watch for and entire day?


When last have you seen a chameleon or a hedgehog or a lizard?


When last have your children amused themselves contentedly for an entire day, without being over stimulated, without any electronic game or device and without asking for money to spend?


When last have the children been so tired after a full day of playing that they have simply fallen asleep shortly after sunset?


When last has your cell phone not been ringing for an entire day?






Whether you stay for a day, a weekend or longer, a farm holiday really has it all.

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